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"It is no overstatement to say that Richie has had a massive impact on my life in a hugely positive way. Before we started working together, I felt trapped in my career and life and unable to escape the hurts of the past. Thanks to the commitment of Richie in helping me to work through some of the most challenging aspects of my current mindset and circumstances, I now feel liberated and that the future is filled with infinite possibility and that I am in control of my destiny"

Paddy Osmund

"I found Richie at a challenging moment in my life, at a crossroads, unsure in what direction I was heading. From the first session with Richie I began noticing the positive changes in the way I approach the day to day, with a different point of view that focuses on the task to hand. I was surprised at how quickly the tools provided by Richie were able to positively impact not just my life, but those around me too. Thank you Richie for releasing the better version of me"

Matthew Hollow

"I was fortunate to discover Richie and his coaching service. He provides the space to discuss the challenges. I am amazed at his attention to detail when he plays back to confirm his understanding. He guided me by helping to introspect the challenges I faced through insightful questions, and in the process, I had aha moments which opened possibilities for resolution. He additionally provided techniques which have benefitted me hugely. I am grateful for all the help and guidance received."

Jackson P

"I started with Richie because I knew I needed a "pull up" in life. I wanted a new way of living. I am a coach myself so I know the importance of a coach. To say the least, beyond what I thought would happen, did. I had some short-term hard obstacles to overcome , with some long-term ones in mind. With the support of Richie, we managed to hit all the goals, long and short term in a short space of time. He's my rock. I'm grateful every day for his consistency and professionalism."

Sharon Ryan

"I am so glad I went with Richie for my life coach. I never had a life coach or therapy before so obviously, I was a little nervous but Richie on the first meeting made me so at ease, his calm, empathetic presence. I was able to be free to speak about my goals and ideas, it has been a worthwhile investment in myself. It has been life changing, so thank you Richie!"

Lydia Sheridan

"From the start I felt welcomed and cared for. I have a lot of big goals and dreams for myself, before working with Richie- I just couldn’t get started. He helped get the ball rolling. He helped me push past my comfort zone, and created a clear plan so simple to follow. He believes in you, when you don’t fully believe in yourself. Richie is definitely an amazing coach."

Jesse Ford

"Richie is thoughtful and calm. He created a safe space for me to discuss my concerns and then helped me identify my next steps for meaningful action. Working with Richie enabled me to change some underlying beliefs and then change my behavior, with my ultimate goal being to create new habits."

Heather T

"I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with Richie. I had been struggling with confidence and procrastination. Working with a Richie has led me to significant realizations that have completely shifted my perspective about myself and life in general. His attention to details and ability to ask the right questions is truly amazing. The fulfillment, confidence, and inspiration I gained through working with Richie was priceless."

Andrew Kim

"Richie has been an absolute champ to work with. I often had the tendency to over-analyse everything and get overwhelmed easily with workload. Richie always managed to guide me to approach these issues with clear perspective. He is genuine, calm and compassionate – truly invaluable."

Diana W

"I've had a fantastic experience working with Richie, he has given me the tools that I need to deal with challenging aspects of life, I could see and feel in myself the benefits of each session, I'm very happy that I took the step and sought out Richies coaching.'"

Greg Maher

"Richie is an exceptional career coach. Calm, reliable and an amazing listener. Under his guidance I have become a better leader, and have also learned to strike a meaningful work-life balance. Thank you Richie, you have helped me find my best self!

Thomas Easo

"Richie has been a really supportive life coach over the past few weeks and has asked thoughtful provoking questions which has really made me reflect on my life and take proactive steps moving forwards. To anyone who is unsure on how to move forward in their life I would recommend speaking to Richie."

George Bernie

"When I posted my details on Bark I was at an all time low. Ritchie reached out to me. I felt lost and little direction. Firstly, we discovered a routine for me to build on. Fast forward two months I have gained some real clarity and now on my new path. What a great guy!"

Jack Dorrington

"Richie was a great leading hand in coaching me to understand and navigate my place of work. Among many other things Richie thought me the importance of how people's perception of me plays a key role in my personal brand and how to effectively present my best self. Richie's guidance has had very positive outcome in my career progression to date."

Darragh Kiely

"Working with Richie came at the perfect timing.  He has helped me navigate big career questions whilst I was going through some major life events.  His considered and astute manner has helped me learn things about myself and reflect on big questions.  I always feel better after speaking with Richie.  I would thoroughly recommend working with him - he is an excellent coach."

Hannah, UK

"Richie has been amazing to work with! He is attentive, patient, and knows how to help nudge me into knowing what my brain is trying to do. He is very knowledgeable and has great coaching technique. I know I am a better person, husband, son, leader, and team member because of the time I have spent with him. Amazing job!

Brett Lemley

"I chose Richie as my coach because he transmitted such peace since the first time I spoke to him.
At that time my head was all over the place, I had 1,000+ ideas on what to do with my life and I knew I needed coaching; however, my expectations were to finish the sessions with a clear and comprehensive 1,2,3 list and a "how to" get there.
After some sessions, I got distressed because this was not happening the way I thought in the beginning, and I spoke to Richie about these expectations, he helped me realize that the reason I was struggling was because of the way I intended to approach the solutions to my 1,000+ ideas. To my surprise he was right, with his advice and techniques I understood that before making any future plans I needed to solve self-knowledge and other issues that were holding my potential. Now, I am ready to make better decisions and I thank him for his care, patience and all the good advice he has given me and of course I recommend him from the bottom of my heart."

Duna Bellucci

"The past 3 months with Ritchie have been excellent. With his guidance and mentoring, I have really been able to renew my drive and focus. His techniques have given me the tools to be able to get through difficult issues and for finding solutions to problems. Ritchie cares a lot for the people he helps, and this can be seen in his preparation for sessions and the follow up he gives after and between sessions. I am looking forward to continuing my personal development with Ritchie."

Zico Nunes

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