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Corporate Coaching Services

Picture of Richie Kyriacou

Executive Presence for Emerging Leaders

Coaching that can help your people leaders to:

  • Lead with clarity, purpose and the energy that inspires

  • Embody the skills to master responses in pressured situations

  • Navigate their circumstances and decision-making with more ease

  • Uncover the blind spots holding them back and learn how to beat them 

  • Grow the inner confidence that inspires trust and confidence from others

Suits all levels of leadership from Supervisor through to C-Suite in small, medium and large companies.

One-to-one programmes delivered online or in-person. 


Individual Corporate Coaching

Support your employees' growth within their roles with coaching that brings out their full potential. After a programme, your employees can:

  • Have the awareness and skills to communicate at a higher level

  • Master their emotions and responses to challenging situations

  • Master their mindset that allows for better planning of priorities, focus and delivery

  • Develop the awareness and know-how to navigate and resolve Conflict 

  • Embody evidence-based tools to manage stress and wellbeing

Suits high-potential individual contributors

One-to-one programmes delivered online or in-person. 


Picture of Richie Kyriacou
Picture of Richie Kyriacou

Virtual & In-Person Workshops

From working with organisations and my own leadership experience, the top 3 workshops are:

  • Mastering Emotions

Thinking leads to Emotions leads to actions/ choices/ behaviours. In this Workshop, learn how the brain constructs emotions and understand the practice of controlling the energy behind the emotion to choose better responses. Leave embodying the cognitive and physiological evidence-based tools for mastering emotions for healthier results for everyone involved. 

  • Communicating with Confidence


Collaboration over Competition will foster better results long-term. In this workshop, the group will learn the importance of their purpose, values, strengths and fears individually in order to safely and vulnerably communicate as a group in line with the overall mission. Leave with a newfound appreciation for each human being and working together as a collective aware of ego and biases.  

  • Mastering Habits 

It’s said that 70% of our waking lives are driven by automatic habits. Daily habits set the foundation for what we are trying to achieve. This workshop is designed to empower the group to take back control of their time, energy and output. They will be able to identify what's holding them back in life and work and also the 'how-to' to start implementing small changes to have big results personally and professionally.

That being said, every business is different and I work with your organisers to create a customised and effective programme that suits the team or workforce in question. 

By clicking you will book a 45 minute zoom call with me. This is an opportunity for us to meet, determine your organisation's or employees' needs and we'll see if it's a good fit

Still Unsure about Investing Your Money in Coaching?

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