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Inside My Coaching Sessions

I call myself a Mindset, Career & Life Coach. I don’t like it and remain open to that lightbulb phrase that describes what I do in a few words. When that moment comes, I suspect it will remove the word ‘coach’. It’s not who I am or what I do, it’s a tool I use.

Plus with the coaching industry on its way to doubling in coaches since 2019, and with zero barriers to entry for someone to call themselves a coach, the true meaning of the word ‘coach' is becoming lost. It’s become a catch-all word for describing someone who wants to help people without needing to do years of study before starting.

To explain what I do in words is impossible. To fully understand, you have to experience it. The same applies to a lot of experiences, sometimes words can not describe them and yet we feel a need to. Or worse, take out the camera at the key awe-inspiring moment. So yes, I feel some resistance to writing this but I still have to promote my business.

When you think of Coaching you may think of goal setting and action plans. In some cases, I use these tools but mostly I’m taking you deeper than tools. I take you on journeys beyond the tangible to allow you to see the truth. The truth of who you are at your core and the potential that already exists there. That’s why I don’t do one-off sessions. I go for transformation and that is no walk in the park. The journey can get rough at any point along the way and I’m there to partner you through it. The partnership requires a connection. It requires trust. It requires patience. It requires vulnerability. It requires bravery.

"I came to Richie looking for answers and it was frustrating at first that he wouldn't give me them - I thought I started this coaching to get toolkits and to learn from others who have faced similar challenges but this was far more in-depth than that and instead I am now far more thoughtful and self-reliant in my decision-making capabilities."

I see the potential in everyone I choose to work with. The stuff that you may feel uncomfortable talking about, I see as a gateway to freeing your soul. I don’t judge. All that’s required from me is to ‘be present’. By sustaining this level of presence with you, the right question, guidance or whatever will come through me in that moment. I’ll know when to pull back, be bold, be nurturing, be challenging or be compassionate. In a 60-minute session, my goal is to play well and let the outcome be what it is. Even if you don’t like it, it may be what you need to get to where you want to go.

“Richie's ability to create a safe and non-judgmental space allowed me to open up about various aspects of my life, including both personal and professional challenges - which I can assure is something I find extremely challenging.”

We are each uniquely complex, after all the human brain is the most complex thing yet discovered in our universe and each of us has a goldmine sitting on our shoulders. My job is to help you mine it.

“He is attentive, patient, and knows how to help nudge me into knowing what my brain is trying to do.”

Coaching the human brain

I’ve coached a variety of professions and levels of seniority. It doesn’t matter what your title is. We all experience difficulties whether it's stress, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, fear or a lack of confidence for example. You’re not that special. Humans have most likely been experiencing these difficulties since humans evolved into developing cognition. Truly facing what is going on with you is special. That's where I come in. I help you build the mindset to overcome challenges sustainably so you can continue on your fulfilling path far long after we finish working together.

I am not a therapist. I do not diagnose or treat mental ‘disorders’. I do not spend sessions working through past Traumas. We all have a past, and many people behave the way they do because of their past. The past of course comes up in session and I want to understand it, it’s your story, it’s made you who you are today. However, I’m here to move you forward and live NOW fully. To let a better future come as a byproduct of living NOW. If you want to work through something of your past, then therapy may be for you. That doesn’t mean coaching needs to stop, I sometimes have clients doing both together.

“Richie guided me patiently through debunking so many insecurities and beliefs that I had about myself that were holding me back from my greatest potential. He stands out from other coaches and programs because it is clear that he is truly invested in forming a compassionate understanding with his clients.”

The ‘How’ of what I do inside my coaching sessions is beyond words, if I could explain, it’s been labelled and curiosity is lost. It’s an experience that can lead to transformation in your personal and/ or professional life, that is all. If you’re still reading this, it’s a sign there’s a part of you that believes you can transform. There’s also a part of you that may feel uncomfortable and that’s OK. Innately we don’t like to change. The thing is though, you’re not changing. You’re just becoming who you already are.


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