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How much does a life coach cost?

The average cost of a Life Coach ranges anywhere between €70 and €250 per hour. High-end performance coaches can charge up to €1,000 per hour. The purpose of this article is to guide you amongst the overwhelm of coaches available today and the wide variation of pricing. Consider these 3 points when seeking out your coach.

#1 Shop Around

Like any investment, shop around. Especially if you haven’t had coaching before, shopping around will help you gather information about coaching and their styles. Choose between 3-5 coaches to have an introductory call with. Look for good chemistry and ask candid questions about what a program would look like for you. Check their background and testimonials online to validate they are who they advertise. Ask about their personal journey to understand why they care about coaching you.

#2 Deciphering through the price ranges

You don’t need a €1,000 per hour high-performance coach if you’re looking to build confidence and speak up in meetings. Likewise, you don’t need a Ferrari F1 for inner city living (or wherever you live). Identify what you want to accomplish and what you are willing to pay for the results. It’s difficult to put a price tag on gaining more clarity, calm and confidence so think about how it could add value to your life instead.

Put on your long-sighted glasses and ask yourself:

  • How would your life benefit from growing your career?

  • How would implementing good habits improve your life?

  • How would your life change with better relationships?

#3 Making a decision

You’re paying for the results and a coach can facilitate that through their experience, intuition and talent. It’s not only the session you’re paying for, you’re paying for the coach’s ability to motivate the integration of the learnings and insights into your daily life. You’re paying for their care and passion for your results. You’re paying for their devotion to your journey too. This is an investment in yourself and your future so choose with rationality. But ultimately, connect with what your gut is saying. Ask for a follow-up call if you’re still unsure, don’t sit on a question, it could be the difference between improving your life and not.

Other points to consider:

  • Most coaches charge at a program level. Coaching programs produce the most effective results. They are time-based running from 3 to 12 months. High-Level Goals are set at the beginning of the program and it’s important to meet periodically to ensure you’re on track. Trust, commitment, accountability and unforeseen obstacles aren’t included in one-off sessions.

  • Some coaches offer payment plans. They usually come with an additional fee to cover extra administration costs but also act as an incentive to pay all upfront instead. Clients commit 100% psychologically by paying all upfront at the start of the program. There may be some bumps or growing pains along the journey. If these occur at the time of 2nd instalment, there’s a risk of turning back.

How much did your last holiday cost?

Let’s compare the cost of a coaching program to the cost of your last holiday. You most likely returned home wanting to go on holiday again. Most likely your life went back to the way it was. You paid all that money for 1-2 weeks of benefit. Yes you probably de-stressed and reset somewhat but it’s not sustainable. A good coach can produce sustainable positive results in your present life. A good coach can put you onto the path you once believed wasn’t possible. That path can be abundant no matter where you're located. There are no holiday blues after working with a good coach.

Your Next Step

So start shopping around. Browse my website, check my google reviews and background on LinkedIn. If it speaks to you, book a free call here. I coach because it’s my calling to support others through their challenging stage of life or career. So if an introductory call doesn’t convert to a paying client but it did help you, I have still fulfilled my purpose.

In conclusion, there are 2 costs to consider. The cost of hiring a coach and the cost of not. Weigh up both.

  • What’s the long-term cost of not trying?

  • What’s the potential return on investment if you do?

Me on a coaching call


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