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Instilling Clarity, Calm and Confidence

Mindset, Career and Life Coaching

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Picture of Richie Kyriacou

Do you believe you have more to offer?

If you’ve suddenly found yourself feeling stuck in your career, battling stress or questioning your self-worth, you’re in the right place.

I’ve guided hundreds of hard-working professionals struggling with self-doubt, overthinking, confidence, fear, imposter syndrome, stress and more.

They begin their journey just like you now:

  • Feeling lost, unfulfilled or unmotivated in a career that’s been stagnating lately.

  • Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from a role that’s never-ending with demands and pressures.

  • Feeling scared to fulfil their potential for fear of judgement and failure.

  • Feeling anxious in certain work situations from a lack of confidence.

They were once here reading this too. They too had doubts about whether my coaching was right for them. 

But they took a chance and they walked away feeling aligned with who they are, the value they have to offer and the confidence to share it.


If you’re still reading this, it’s a sign you have it in you too...

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About Me 

At 34, I reached Associate Director level in a global Financial Services company leading multiple teams. To get here, I received 3 promotions in 3 years; operating with confidence, assertiveness, self belief, boldness and openness. However, before this point I sat in the back seat allowing things to happen to me. I was passive, timid, fearful and doubting myself. I sat at my desk quietly working hard, not speaking up when the opportunities arose and fearful of what others thought of me. The late career transformation came from working within myself. 

Throughout my late teens and 20s, I had developed self destructive habits which negatively impacted on my relationships, finance, physical, mental and spiritual health. Habits developed to compensate for something fundamentally missing within. Habits which progressively got worse over the years to a point where my life was all but destroyed. I was desperate for change. I always sensed there had to be another way to live which returned fulfilment, freedom and happiness but didn't know how. Upon a decade of continuous studying, practicing and experiencing these positive emotional states of being, I know coaching others struggling in life is my calling. 

We are all so unique from each other requiring our own designs for happiness. My method is not prepackaged. I am your coach helping you find your answers to your life's problems, I care about finding the right solution for you. We place our attention on where you are right now and where you desire to go. If you are willing and open to improving your life with me, let's talk!

Picture of Richie Kyriacou
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