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Mindset, Career & Life Coach

Reset With Richie Program

Clarity in where to go

Calm in your pursuit

Confidence to go there

Living a better life really comes down to self-awareness in action. 

Until you discover what you really want, what your innate strengths are and what limiting beliefs are holding you back, you're going to stay stuck chasing the wrongs things and remain on a loop of frustration, stress and self-doubt. 

Most people will continue on their default path and not ever stop to question the truth. Decisions are made on it being the next logical option only. Whether it's a job, partner, habit etc. If only society was designed to teach us to look inward first before outward. 

It's my mission to free you from your current hamster wheel of life. I help you take back control of your thoughts and behaviours so you can release a better version of you. I believe all we need in life already lies inside. You just need to be willing to try find it! 

"It is no overstatement to say that Richie has had a massive impact on my life in a hugely positive way. Before we started working together, I felt trapped in my career and life and unable to escape the hurts of the past. Thanks to the commitment of Richie in helping me to work through some of the most challenging aspects of my current mindset and circumstances, I now feel liberated and that the future is filled with infinite possibility and that I am in control of my destiny"

Paddy Osmund

Just Imagine If...

Decision making felt easy and right 

Making a decision doesn't need to be difficult. There are easier ways to make decisions other than at night on the pillow. Once you understand what is really important to you in life and then how to process decisions using your whole being, you'll soon begin efficiently and effectively mastering decision making both personally and professionally.  

You were seen as calm in pressured situations

The majority feel it's a right to allow negative emotions take over and dictate their behaviours in stressful situations. It may be the natural human instinct but the power comes through choice. Once you learn and develop this skill to be the new norm, you can rise above any occasion and be seen as a leader across your network. 

You spoke through ideas without fear of judgement and self-doubt

I hear all too often professionals holding themselves back because of fear, anxiety or self-doubt. I understand, I was there too. Believe me, it is possible for you to start confidently speaking your truth no matter who is in the room

You walked away from social events feeling proud and recognised

Enter events feeling energised, excited and confident. When you understand who you are, what you offer and who you want to spend time with, you'll enter excited and energised. You'll begin enjoying yourself and feel comfortable. 

Habits filled you with energy and drive

Often people indulge in habits which negatively impacts their being. The instant gratification or even the prospect of it feels great but there is a cost. What if I shared with you tools that felt right for you to get out of the negative habits and build healthy ones leaving you feeling your best. Actually, if you've never tried them, you'll be feeling better than your current known best.


You created a career that felt fulfilling 

Through this journey, you will connect to what is meaningful for you. You will start to see where you need to devote your time, energy and resources in order to create a fulfilling career. Create it from a starting point of knowing who you are, what your passions & strengths are and what your value is. 

"I found Richie at a challenging moment in my life, at a crossroads, unsure in what direction I was heading. From the first session with Richie I began noticing the positive changes in the way I approach the day to day, with a different point of view that focuses on the task to hand. I was surprised at how quickly the tools provided by Richie were able to positively impact not just my life, but those around me too. Thank you Richie for releasing the better version of me"

Matthew Hollow

Overview of my RESET PROGRAM

One to One coaching that cares


Stage One: Accelerate your Self-Awareness

This is the key to unlocking your potential. A lot of people skip this and go straight to setting a goal and the steps to get there. It's not sustainable long term. We need to first discover what's really important to you, your values and your vision. 

We need to identify what your skills and strengths are, those you enjoy using and want to contribute with. We also need to break down what's not true. What beliefs or habits have been holding you back. Those preventing you from moving forward. Replace them with the truth.

Throughout this stage and throughout, you will also discover tools and wisdom for a calmer mind. 

Stage Two: Build Your Courageous Action Plan

Here you'll develop a courageous action plan in line with your upgraded self-awareness. With your new insights, you'll start showing up with confidence to be you in the world. You'll learn the simple tools and techniques to apply to have a smooth productive day. 

You're naturally going to start speaking up more and inspiring others both in and outside of work. 

Stage Three: Becoming Recognised

Finally, you'll naturally start being recognised more and start attracting new opportunities and relationship that you actually want. 

You'll have integrated new daily habits that fuel your energy. You'll have gained a positive shift in mindset. 


But best of all, I will leave you at the end of the program with rock solid belief in yourself that you can do it, that you can make the right decisions which positively impact your life, career and relationships. You’ll know the path you’re on and can move forward with your newfound beliefs, behaviours and confidence. And I know when you get to that point, the realm of possibilities for your life is far beyond what you can see today.

"I started with Richie because I knew I needed a "pull up" in life. I wanted a new way of living. I am a coach myself so I know the importance of a coach. To say the least, beyond what I thought would happen, did. I had some short term hard opsticals to overcome, with some long term ones in mind. With the support of Richie we managed to hit all the goals, long and short term in a short space of time. He's my rock. I'm gratetful everyday for his consistency and professionalism."

Sharon Ryan

This truly is a coaching program that cares for your results

This coaching program will provide the clarity in where you are going, the calm in your pursuit and the confidence to go there

In applying for a spot you will book a free 30 minute zoom call with me. This is an opportunity for us to meet, unpack your situation a bit more and determine if this is the right program for you. 

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