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In a meh mood?

Feeling flat? Feeling like you just couldn’t be bothered doing anything? Are you easily irritated?

We all get like this sometimes, it’s human. Nevertheless, it’s not healthy to let it drag on whereby relationships are effected, work suffers, bad habits resurface and energy drains. This prevents us from enjoying life. So how do we get back to enjoying life as quickly as possible?

  1. Acknowledge the mood instead of ignoring e.g. “I’m feeling so irritable this morning”

  2. Take a few minutes to sit quietly with it, breathe into it, trace each millisecond of your breathe in and out of your body, accept it is there and do not attempt to solve it with more thoughts in this moment. No searching for blame or reasoning as it will only feed it.

  3. Remember it is only a mood/ feeling, it’s not permanent and will transform depending on your action.

  4. Get into action! What is your thing? The thing where you’re re-energized, de-stressed, gifted wisdom and at peace. Just do it! The time it takes thinking about doing it could be the time spent doing it!

  5. By now you’re feeling better but maybe there’s more work needed to shake it off completely. Do you need to have a conversation with a family member, partner or colleague/ boss? Do you need to reduce or totally eliminate a bad habit? Do you need to find and live by your true values? Do you have a pain body requiring exploration?

Ultimately the solution is action based. Step back from the uncomfortable emotion of the situation, develop your action in a calm and peaceful state of mind. This is where your intuition is the loudest.


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