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Feeling lost?

Do you feel like you don’t know what you’re working for? Don’t know where you’re going? Feeling aimless just going through the motions of life with no meaningful target?

Find out what you really value in life. Make a list, circle the top ones and get curious! There are different techniques available on the internet to identify what you value, but ultimately it comes down to what really lights you up.

Can you remember any occasions from your past where you felt a rush? A natural rush that is and not any chemically induced rushes from your youth! What made you feel great, a time where at the end of the day you were smiling because you had such a fulfilling day. It doesn’t need to be a major event but an event that led to an internally profound experience. Maybe you helped a stranger out, completed a high school project, built something with your hands, gave a presentation, helped a friend through a problem or travelled to a new country. There can be plenty of examples to explore. Get curious about the situation. Who was there? What were they like? Picture the scene and try to remember what specifically sparked your interest. The key here is to identify your true values, the drivers of your world.

It’s been proven that identifying values before setting goals leads to greater fulfilment. Setting a goal without first identifying your values is like building a house without the foundation. Values provide stability and the right starting point to build up from. Creating goals this way can lead to the changes required to start moving through life with meaning.


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